Monday, February 18, 2008

Denmark Happy as It Burns---60 Minutes Morley Safer Says

has experienced eight [8] nights in a row of firebombing in its Islamic neighborhoods.

Hilariously, last night 60 Minutes had Canadian fraud Morley Safer spew his unctious potty-mouth on a how bad the USA is about human services [on a piece concerning how "happy" Denmark comes up in a world-wide poll].

We should send that spurious joker to Denmark and have him live in a Muslim neighborhood with the ragheads. Bet he'd skedaddle back stateside in an instant.

60 Minutes again outed as a completely anti-American liberal robo-spew auto-massage vibrator.

[Of course, those nasty cartoons of the M-prophet were not noted, as that would be journalism, and sybarite Morley stays away from journalism.]

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