Saturday, February 16, 2008

Indian Head Highway Smashup Kills Seven

The midnight drag race that killed seven last night took place on Hwy 210 or Indian Head Hwy, just south of where I lived for two years in Ft. Washington MD. The folks 'round Accokeek sort of reek of trailer-park chic. These would be descendents of the side that lost the Civil War, though they lived north of the Potomac. Now that high school football season is over....

One of the victims was an adult male, 61 yrs. old. Should've been home watching the Wizards or Jay Leno.

Strangely, my only memory of Accokeek is riding a bicycle down the Indian Head Hwy and coming across a large turtle with a cracked shell still crawling down a side road. Also, the male Maltese father of our dog Dexter, named after Dexter Manly, lived near Accokeek. As the mother of our cat Dumpling lived near DeKalb IL before we bought her as a kitten [Marengo, to be exact].

Life goes on within you and without you.

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