Friday, February 15, 2008

Hezbollah Terrorist-in-Chief Burns in Hell

Imad Mughniya was finally given his just desserts, and I recall how terribly I felt when this pork-eating dog murdered an American Navy Diver captured on an international flight, or when 241 US Marines were murdered in October 1983. When I hear the Al-Qaeda /Hezbollah subsidiary in the US House of Representatives is trying to deep-six the FISA controls aiming to protect the country from acts of terrorism, I think of I-Mug and Zawahiri cheering Pelosi and the dhimmi-Dems in the House as they subvert US national security with vapid specious spurious concerns about "privacy" which overlooks the real danger Islamic fanatics pose to the USA. Even 68 Senators think that FISA should be renewed. But I think back to Col Higgins cruelly tortured as he wore a UN beret and William Buckley tortured to death in Beirut [or the Bekaa Valley?] and laugh about the dhimmis' hand-wringing over waterboarding. Just what kind of airhead bimbos does the US House of Representatives answer to? Here's the Economist:
Despite America's offer of a $5m reward, Mr Mughniya escaped numerous attempts to capture or assassinate him. One of his brothers perished in a car bomb in 1994 that was widely believed to have been an Israeli near-miss. Mr Mughniya's death has produced a wealth of speculation. “After a life of jihad, sacrifice and achievements, and with a longing for martyrdom, Islamic Resistance [ie, Hizbullah] leader Haj Imad Mughniya was assassinated at the hands of criminal Israelis,” read Hizbullah's statement. Others surmise that he may have been hit by Lebanese operatives working for the CIA or perhaps even by his Syrian hosts. Yet another theory holds that Mr Mughniya has not been killed at all but that the bombing has provided a clever way for him to go still deeper underground.

Hopefully, this murderer of Americans burns in Hell for his crimes against humanity. It would be sad if this bombing were a clever ruse to gin up fervor among the kennel-crew in South Beirut to achieve further crimes against humanity.

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