Tuesday, July 17, 2007

By a Two to One Ratio, Americans see Mass Media Biased Left

Another poll, this one by Rasmussen, comes up with results the MSM will be wary of publishing.

The fact that the MSM leans toward southpaw politicians should surprise no one. A famous three-year study by dozens of researchers combing over the last twenty years based its judgments on the ADA ratings, which demonstrate the true leftism of a given candidate, i.e., Teddy K is almost 100, Ted Stevens around 10 or less. The UCLA/U of Missouri conclusions were that the mass media, with the sole exception of FoxNews, is at at a minimum sixty on the ADA scale. This includes the Wall Street Journal and Drudgereport, which one would expect to be at midpoint or less. Indeed, FoxNews is NOT BIASED TO THE RIGHT, but planted right on the fifty-yard line, proving it truly is fair and balanced.

The UCLA/Missouri project finds that the rest of the media tilts left of center all the way to the far-left CBS News, no surprise, and the New York Times, both of which weigh in with an ADA rating of around seventy-plus! [The UCLA/Mizzou study is two years old, so the recent NBC "corrective movement" leftward under Brian Williams is not registered.]

The University of Missouri and UCLA are two institutions among the top half-dozen journalism schools in the country and the study covers decades.

Of course, the Rasmussen Poll itself is seen as suspect, as most polls tend to artfully contrive questions designed to elicit answers which will support a Democrat point of view. But even Pew & Zogby, two rather suspicious outfits leaning leftward, are having trouble recently with their polling, which keeps coming up with answers not conducive to the liberal self-perception. Both recently found that Americans by a ratio of five to two consider themselves conservative.

Of course, these surveys were not covered by the MSM, which lives in its carefully contrived cocoon which in turn it projects onto objective news agencies which deny its self-serving narcissism. Although even the NYT now admits it's not being read by young urban professionals or anyone else under thirty.

At the phalanx of the left in journalism, Columbia School of Journalism is a complete wormcan of ethical lapses, epitomized by its students recently getting caught cheating on an open-book ethics exam last year. These failures of housekeeping spill over into every area of its baleful influence on American journalism.

The Pulitzer Prize is administered by CSJ and journalists know that MOR or conservative takes on issues will rarely if ever get consideration by the panelists on the CSJ/Pulitzer committees. And thus we see questionable Pulitzers often awarded for illegal acts which expose US national security to harm.

The corrosive effect of newspapers, movies and network/cable TV paradoxically appears to result in a swift decline of subscribers and viewership. However, like the corner perv peddling dirty pictures and marijuana, the MSM aims at the young and the poor students caught in a public school educational system producing dropouts and second-rate grads. The US is now at or near the bottom in rankings of industrialized countries in education. This is due to organized teachers' unions avoiding the three R's to produce kids who are socialized automatons and fit consumers in a nanny-state big government planned by the social engineers of the academicide elites.

The last moral revival the US experienced was the Reagan resuscitation after Vietnam, Watergate and the Carter catastrophe. As things approach warp-speed in the Internet Age, we are already due for another Great Awakening.

Our national torpor proceeds apace.

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