Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Syria on the Crawl---Silent & Sneaky

The army that doesn't fight well can always sneak a bit when it has the chance. The Wall Street Journal points out that the tricky smugglers and grifters in Damascus, namely President Bashar Assad and his intelligence agencies, have silently occupied around 4% of Lebanese border territory---the equivalent proportionately of the USA having Arizona annexed by an unseen, unheard army of guess which nationality?

In the meantime, no one except the WSJ and new UNSECGEN Ban ki-Moon points these border anomalies out. As the WSJ piece by Bret Stephans points out, hapless moron Kofi Annan had pleaded with President Stick-Insect last year and had received assurances of some sort, which he disingenuously passed on as a solution. Now this nincompoop is in South Africa trying to sort out the Zimbabwe mess. If his personal history holds true, look for another Rwanda in the near future.

TBack in Lebanon, the areas in question are sparsely populated and located in the anti-Lebanon mountains between Syria & Lebanon, but the occupiers include charming residents such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the ca-raaazy ultra-left Kossack-equivalent of the Fatah party now ruling the West Bank. Syria has to accommodate the PFLP as the Christian counterpart to Hamas, the Muslim ca-raaazies who now claim they have missiles that can reach Tel Aviv.

I only hope that Israel points out that missiles in Israel can reach Damascus, if another bout of nastiness occurs in the near future.

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