Friday, July 06, 2007

Oops! The Live Earth Bubble Machine Running out of Hype

The Los Angeles Times notes that this Saturday's 7/7/07 extravaganzas around the planet may be over-hyped a bit. Not that this will deter the Gore-bot from his appointed mission.
...snags have developed. The Johannesburg concert has been scaled back after tepid ticket sales, and a show planned for Istanbul was canceled altogether in the face of financial and logistical snags.

In Rio de Janeiro, meanwhile, an anxious government official said the plan to pack a million people onto Copacabana beach for a free concert was too risky, but Thursday a judge lifted an injunction that would have halted that show, sparing Live Earth officials the embarrassment of losing their single largest event.

Among the big issues Live Earth organizers are up against are distinguishing it from the plethora of similar-sounding concerts in recent years and spreading the word in hopes of creating a sense of excitement that reaches around the globe.

Left unmentioned, of course, is the four-hundred pound baby elephant of Gore II's scion Gore III, nailed in his Prius with "prescription drugs" that weren't in his name [a fact unmentioned in the liberal MSM] and marijuana. That would be journalism, a metier outside the LAT's skillset.

The Who's Roger Daltrey represents a widespread view toward the Live Earth gig:
"The last thing the planet needs is a rock concert."

But it looks like the show will go on and we'll all get fooled again, to revert to the Who's finest album.

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