Monday, July 30, 2007

Pat Tillman Death Scoped out by Kossack Sleuth

The truth about Pat Tillman, the American NFL Ranger killed by "friendly fire" [one of the oxymorons most moronic of all] may not be clear to all, but the lunatics at the Kos site have no illusions---Pat was going to meet with Noam Chomsky and was offed for his prospective metanoia, it's oh so clear & pass the thorazine, nurse!

And, of course, this is even more lucidly defined by what Mark Steyn called "moral poseurs still congratulating themselves on their stance of three or four decades" who made sure that "millions of faraway peasants died in order that pampered parochial narcissist buffoons could preen as heroes in their commencement addresses?

Perhaps we are too harsh on our patronizing condescending moral intelligentsia. Pinch and his pilot-fish posse still shine Walter Lippmann's beacon through the fog of ignorance surrounding the US government and lesser mortals like ourselves.

We should be grateful instead of demonstrating our peevishness at "their stance of three or four decades" because we suspect them of autistic solecisms devoid of insight and sincerity.

Or should we bitch-slap them verbally at every opportunity? Can't make up my mind.

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