Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hamas gets release of Alan Johnston in Gaza

Saying she had "the shakes" and couldn't talk, BBC's TV News anchor deferred on release of Alan Johnston and the shots switched to Gaza while the tape looped time and again the sole footage the BBC had of the release of its Gaza reporter. Johnston was thrown into a car to meet "Prime Minister" Haniyeh, who of course is no such thing. Haniyeh is a terrorist coup leader dubbed "Prime Minister" by Hamas and of course, the deferential pliable British left-wing media.

But the BBC is as far from journalism as Reuters, who also pandered to its Arab paymasters. Or should I say "threateners," as Reuters and BBC don't have to worry about the Israelis kidnapping them and hence take the cowards' route by sucking up to the violent reactionary terrorist organization Hamas.

Reuters quotes the terrorist warlord in Damascus, where Khaled Meshaal subsists on Iranian funds and Syrian protection:
Meshaal told Reuters by phone: "The efforts by Hamas have produced the freedom of Alan Johnston." Referring to his rivals from the Fatah faction of Western-backed President Mahmoud Abbas, he said: "It showed the difference between the era in which a group used to encourage and commit security anarchy and chaos and the current situation in which Hamas is seeking to stabilize security."

The BBC on-air crew was simpering and kowtowing to its Arab masters profusely thanking them for releasing their colleague.

You'll note that nothing was mentioned in the Reuters and BBC reports about the Israeli soldier Golani kidnapped by Hamas, reportedly in poor health. Nor were the two Israeli soldiers captured on the Lebanese border by Hezbollah terrorists mentioned.

The mention of such a parallel event might damage BBC & Reuters "objectivity" on events in that small Levantine tinder box.

As I mentioned above, Israel doesn't punish foreign press as the Hamas terrorists do, nor do they kill Lebanese reporters like Nancy Pelosi's friend Bashar Assad does on a regular basis.

Who would you expect the craven cowards in the BBC & Reuters to suck up to?

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