Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Breaking News: Richard Cohen Makes Sense!

Proto-liberal Richard Cohen explains his thoughts on Palestinians cheering 9/11:
It just so happens that I have been to the Shatila camp. It's an integral part of Beirut and has existed since 1949, a situation that in a sane world would simply be out of the question. The blame for Shatila's persistence can be assigned all around: to the Lebanese for failing to assimilate the Palestinians; to the often homicidal factionalism of the Middle East; to the Arab states for continuing to expound the chimera of a return to what was once Palestine (but which is now Israel); and, of course, to Israel itself for, among other things, allegedly abetting the 1982 massacre of Palestinians in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps by Lebanese Christian forces. The Palestinians have been mistreated by just about everybody, including, of course, their own inept and often corrupt leadership.

But the US & Israel take the hit, and Cohen goes on to say that our enemies "honor us with their hatred."
Dr. Dalrymple has worked in UK Muslim ghettoes and has this to say:
One of the most sinister effects of the efforts of the bombers and would-be bombers is that they have undermined trust completely. This is because those under investigation turn out not to be cranks or marginals but people who are either well-integrated into society, superficially at least, or who have good career prospects. They are not the ignorant and uneducated; quite the reverse. Seven people detained in the latest plot worked in the medical profession.

The perpetrators do not bomb because of personal grievance but because they have allowed themselves to be gripped by a stupid, though apparently quite popular, ideology: radical Islam. Nor are they of one ethnic or national group only: We have had Somali, Pakistani, Arab, Jamaican, Algerian and British Muslim terrorists. This means, unfortunately, that no one can ever be quite sure whether a Muslim who appears polite and accommodating is not simultaneously contemplating mass murder. Deceit, after all, is one of the terrorists' deadliest weapons.

Taqqiya or religious dissimulation, disguising one's true beliefs or motives, has a long history in Islam and loosely used can describe the sort of hidden agenda Dr. Dalrymple means in the piece.

Turkey may be sliding into another Islamist form of taqqiya as its Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul inches towards being elected as President. Despite opposition from the secular military leadership, the article by Edward Luttwak argues that an Islamic Turkey, despite its irenic exterior, could be a Trojan Horse if allowed to be integrated into the EU.

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