Saturday, July 21, 2007

The BBC Slouches Toward Munich

Melanie Philips has a revealing blog showing that the regression toward mean-ness of the BBC proceeds apace.
The author of Londonistan noted a blog post to the BBC's comment-board [no link provided] that repeated one of the slurs that say the Talmud justifies telling gentiles lies if it protects the community or is otherwise sanctioned. Lots of protest notes to the offensive post were not posted, while the blog signed "Naz" remained and was even expanded. You have to read the link above, but the gist is: the time of writing this column, therefore, the situation is that the BBC has deliberately republished an antisemitic libel — but censored all criticism of itself, blocked any further opportunity to post up fresh protests, and semi-concealed the whole discussion.

Now this would be "taqqiya" in Islamic hadith or jesuitical casuistry in the western version of religious dissimulation, but somehow the extensive use of the Nazi Germans in their propaganda had made this ample motive for the extermination of the entire Jewish religion, and extended to racial cleansing.

The BBC knows it has crossed several lines, including last summer's open support of Hamas and Hezbollah in the fighting along the Lebanon border and in Gaza following the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. But there is no accountability and it appears that the Beeb, the Guardian, and the New York Times are all succumbing to appeasement as a method of holding off a determined offensive against Western values and culture.

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