Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sarkozy & Qaddafi Consort while Sarko's Wife Goes to Sofia

French President Sarkozy is now reaping the fruits of his victorious defeat, or is it vice versa? Here are a few money quotes about Sarko's visit to Libya to celebrate the recently-reformed madman Muammar's release of six medical hostages:
"You might think French president Nicolas Sarkozy would be hailed as a hero at home for facilitating the release of the embattled medical personnel in Libya. No one can deny that the hostages were released in short order as a direct result of a strategy devised by Sarkozy and implemented with the help of his wife Cecilia. But instead, Sarkozy is under fire from all sides.

From the left come outbursts of unashamed machismo alternate with outpourings of heretofore concealed truths about the likes of Ghadafi. Who does the First Lady think she is? And how come that cad Ghadafi is welcomed back into the concert of nations just because he released the prisoners?

Socialist Party chief François Hollande, ex-companion of ex-candidate Ségolène Royal, dismissed the operation as a mediocre PR stunt: the European Union has been negotiating the prisoners’ release for 8 years, now they’re free, what’s the big deal? Euro-green deputy & former May 68 revolutionary Cohn-Bendit is indignant and assorted French Socialists, fresh from their victorious presidential defeat, are outraged: Ghadafi is a despicable dictator, Libyan quasi-terrorists will enter France freely while decent illegals are kept out, Europe is paying blood money, Sarkozy is showing off, and to make matters worse he sent his WIFE to negotiate. What is this, a royal family? An op-ed in Le Monde trashes “Super-Cécilia, madone des Balkans. » The NY Times, in a typical indiscriminate rehash of French snob-gossip, says "Libya’s Release of 6 Prisoners Raises Criticism."

Until she moved back in with her hubby, Cecilia was disparaged as a distinct non-asset to the new POTROF [or POTFR which reminds one of Joseph's owner in the Bible, the Pharoah's chief eunuch Potiphar in Arabic/Hebrew scripts]. But as the rest of the article points out in detail, Sarko has committed the cardinal crime, which is treated in bold and capitals in the following long screed:
The same NY Times, via its International Herald Tribune, claims that Nicolas Sarkozy controls the French press with an iron fist. And the same gossipers who told you that Sarkozy would be a bachelor president because Cecilia had ditched him are now clucking about her undue influence and uppity ways. Madame does not restrict her conversation with the president to appropriate subjects—meals, servants, his choice of ties—but ventures into the forbidden sphere of politics. And now she’s indulging in extramarital international relations.

It’s as if nepotism, interlocking directorates, ambiguous liaisons, and other courtly abuses had never existed in pre-Sarkozy France.

And they did. Danielle Mitterand dabbled in private diplomacy with Fidel Castro during her husband’s presidency. Bernadette Chirac, a Poli Sci dropout, nudged into politics by her husband, holds a cushy provincial office. Wives and mistresses of political figures present prime time news. Ségolène Royal was boosted into her career on Mitterand’s shoulders. Chirac’s daughter Claude acted as his official advisor and the media never mentioned her son fathered by a Muslim judoka. Mitterand’s illegitimate daughter Mazarine Pingeot, whose coming-out party coincided with his funeral, is treated seriously as a novelist….

Why is the Libyan operation cause for scandal, when that urbane dilettantism is tolerated? Because Nicolas Sarkozy has made a clear break with French tradition: USING HIS POWER TO ACT CONCRETELY ON REALITY, he expedited the liberation of five nurses and one doctor, innocent victims of an Afro-Middle Eastern dictatorship.

The foregoing does not mention the serial infidelities of MMEs Mitterand & Chirac, whose lovers almost outnumbered their husbands' numerous paramours. But the novel breakthrough Sarko has made is the first real intrusion of France into the real world since DeGaulle. The mystification and symbolism of the French prestidigitators of the Mitterand/Chirac ilk [which enamoured Francophiliacs like Jimmy Carter & pseudo-event Democrats mimicked at their peril] may now be in the process of being replaced by a more strenuous, less devious and backhanded approach to the EU and Realpolitik. The excellent letter from Mme Nidra Poller continues:
[If] Nicolas Sarkozy is to be faulted for his theory and practice in this murky corner of international relations, what is to be said of the efforts of other western leaders, who are in a mad rush to shore up Mahmoud Abbas, hold talks with the North Koreans, negotiate an uneasy peace with Iran, pressure Israel to give the Golan Heights to Syria, force Bush to withdraw the troops from Iraq and, in general, surrender on a dime? It’s all part of the desperate search for solutions through dialogue and economic relations.

The real issue in this matter has been scrupulously avoided, and it is this - hostage-taking is part of the full jihad bag and western nations have been handling it like weak-kneed dhimmis. Public opinion is shaped and kneaded to respond to the demands of hostage takers as if they were reasonable political negotiations. A fuzzy video, a trembling victim stuffed into a Muslim outfit, jihadis with their heads wrapped in keffiehs, guns and scimitars, slogans, blood curdling music, imperious demands—withdraw your troops, release all of our prisoners, and give us millions or we’ll cut off his or her head. Roadside bombs in Iraq and London, great train massacres in London and Madrid, sleeper cells, mass murder airplane plots, incitement in mosques and Muslim media, 9/11 of course, the planned destruction of Israel… it all goes together and we should be fighting it with lucid determination. Instead, we pick it apart like finicky eaters, treat each morsel separately… and now we are all hostages.

Can’t we give Nicolas Sarkozy credit for making a dent in dhimmitude?

We can be sure that Sarkozy will continue to be bitch-slapped by the French and EU press for his sturdy straightforward position on dealing with terrorists and blackmailers and illegal immigration.

I'm just wondering how soon the US MSM will pick up on the NYT's negativity and like pilot fish following a Great White, nibble and nit-pick on the French president's strange possession of a functioning spinal column.

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