Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Socia-lite Baldwin disses workingman and gays on-air.

Sean Hannity and Alec Baldwin had a good old-fashioned Irish bar brawl on-air and of course the wuss lib Alec stormed out like a sissy after dissing Hannity for having a real job and calling Mark Levin a "cabin boy."

Yep, just like Sansura Taylor, a weird girl-child waif on last night's O'Reilly Report, when faced with substantive questions, Baldwin got abusive and obscene immediately. When Hannity kept asking him substantive questions, Baldwin mimicked his Dem pol masters by not coming up with answers, just finger-pointing and name-calling and then running away like a coward.

This brouhaha demonstrated just how fact-challenged the left is. Like the proverbial French engineer, the lefties keep saying: "Sure it works in practice, but what about the theory?" If it doesn't match some social-engineering post-modern helping-profession scam by a team of academic intellectuals, it usually doesn't get far with the far-left.

And Baldwin is a poster-child for the Barbra-clone left, whose husband Elliot Gould accused her of being a spoiled child, while he was still her husband! Baldwin is another unweaned momma's boy who hankers after instant gratification and despises working people and gays, who he calls "cabin boys."

So keep going to Hollywood, Hillary, your fan-constituency diminishes with each visit.

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