Friday, March 24, 2006

Far-Left in Turf-fight over Red-State Blogger at WaPo

Stephen Spruiell at the Media Blog over at NRO observes the sputtering flecked-mouth frothing of the angry left over the WaPo allowing a bit of balance in its left-tilted commentary.

And although the sensible WaPo Ombudsman Deborah Howell writes clearly that the WaPo and the .com are two different entities, the spelling-challenged wack-job at AmericaBlog raves witlessly about the WaPo "ombusdan" [sic] and her mentioning something about balancing the delusional ranter Froomkin with a bit of sanity on the right.

Ah, the whiff of grapeshot from the Post scatters the helter-skelter crowd into scampering aimlessly in their nomadic monadic [hat tip: Mickey Kaus] fashion as they search for relief from their anger. You can just imagine them steaming up as another piece of what they consider their territory/turf falls into enemy hands!

The angry left grows ever angrier! Oh, look at them huff and puff!?! Soon they will be issuing manifestoes and writing even more public letters to Donald Graham and Messrs Brady and Howell and Whomever.

The hermaphroditic chameleon David Brock at Media Matters does this in the most hair-on-fire charlatan fashion and should again proclaim the injustice of it all and call loudly for heads to roll inside the journalistic precincts of the Post.

Boy, I'll bet that'll get their attention!

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