Thursday, June 16, 2011

Newt Keeps Topping His Previous Eff-Ups---Just can't Help Himself?

Ho ho ho, I'm a laugh a minute!

Michael Isikoff rightly skewers Newt Gingrich for continuing to disgrace himself, committing error after error and digging an ever deeper hole, just like Demonrat nincompoop Anthony Weiner.

This pompous egomaniac is demonstrating again and again that he is the GOP analog to Weiner, not as smutty, but just as clueless and unaware and undisciplined as ever. He struts and frets his hour upon the stage expecting plaudits for past accomplishments while he actually comes across as very much like another silly dude [Al Gore], and slightly-less of a cad than John Edwards, [both Newt & JE left their wives when they were dealing with cancer....!] How can he expect the American people to feel sympathy with a third-wife kewpie doll whose account at Tiffany's was going to be paid by the movies she made on "American Exceptionalism" which were sold at Newt's NH & other centers as DVDs? Is she a sort of Republican version of Rielle Hunter, after all the dust has settled from Newt's long-ago displays of overweening self-regard and personal/political mistakes that would finish off a less self-absorbed fighter.

I really think he's a prime example of what happens to moral character after living inside the Beltway for three decades. It disappears, along with any sense of how the people out in Flyover Country feel about a fellow who keeps shilling himself as a "candidate of ideas" who apparently can't even think of a reason why people think he's strange to compare himself to Reagan. Remember that Nancy only got involved in her husband's politics a couple of YEARS AFTER HE WAS ELECTED POTUS.
To have some sort of former aide hijack his campaign strategy and expect the professionals to sit by and watch him cruising in the Aegean with her to "clear his head" shows just how totally self-absorbed Newt is----he'd make an AWFUL president.

Finally, he flails around so badly on TV that he says that the top staffers he hired are no good and he's glad to see them go! A few months after he used horrible judgment to HIRE THEM!

The guy is Rodney Dangerfield without even realizing why or how he achieves that total lack of respect from his peers and the voters.

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