Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Skank Investigated by Skankiest---NYT Sleuthes Out News Corp.

The newspaper that prints all the news that's unfit to print---if it damages American interests---now is plotting an "investigation" of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, which is beating that newspaper along the head and shoulders in every department.
The New York Times assigns Jill Abramson, whom I intersected with when she worked at the Wall Street Journal, to lead a team of sleuths to find any wiggly things under the rocks they turn over. Jill has the temperament and mindset to do this sort of stuff in her sleep---she is an inveterate enemy of traditional values and other manners and mores practiced west of the Hudson River.

Perhaps this "investigation" can be linked somehow to the fact that Rupert's Rangers are in the process of looking at The Wall Street Journal, whose circulation is far higher than the hemorrhaging NYT [although a Newsweak story on the subject failed to mention that salient fact...., hmmmm]

And another little vignette published by The New York Observer could provide clues for the NYT crusade for facts on Rupert's operations. Murdoch may be supporting Bloomberg in his crusade to lead a "tertium quid" into the fray between the sluggish Republicans and the hysterical 'Dhimmi'crats [whom Roger Ailes castigates in the linked article as being afraid to debate on FOX News, hence afraid to fight Al Qaeda].

Also interesting that Newsweak and perhaps the Washington Post might be pushing a Bloomberg tilt at the windmill, although Lally Weymouth [another acquaintance in my distant past] may not represent the editorial arm of either publication.

Given Clinton's "inevitability" [and strong support from the NYT] and the dearth of exciting Republican candidates, perhaps Rupert and the Newsweak/Post phalanx could march in tandem to put forward a third candidate, an independent whose basic values would not upset the fundamentally conservative American electorate.

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