Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Muslim Rage and Murder Abetted by International Media

I was watching CNN today as it respectfully interviewed an Indonesian terrorist advocating murder and suicide-bombing. This has been the umpteenth time in the last few weeks that I have noticed extremists advocating murder or journalists noting in a blase fashion that political murder is now a quasi-legitimate part of the political scene in the Islamic world. BBC has reporters in Lebanon who call murders of Christian and Sunni politicians by Syrian operatives "chipping away" at the slim majority the Christian/Sunni hold in the Lebanese parliament are a prime example of the acceptance of barbarism and violent extremism as just another political tool.

Michael Totten echoes the sentiments that Christopher Hitchens describes in his Slate piece by noting that the Western media are generally layabouts or aggressive drunks like the CNN chief Michael Ware in Baghdad who alternately fulminate or pander depending on whether they are attacking the USA/Israel or appeasing Islamic stage-extras who represent "insurgents" and "oppressed minorities."

The real story gets lost in the fake Sturm und Drang these BBC/CBS hacks and slackers allow as representing a "story" which the late Daniel Boorstin called a "pseudo-event" or "photo-op."

Bookworm sums it up as "Dianification" of the news in her piece "Media Chicanery." Here she derides the media doing close-up shots of events attended almost exclusively by "THE MEDIA:"
The same kind of dishonest close shot reporting appeared when Cindy Sheehan was doing her book tour. Tight shots carefully hid the fact that, while the media swarmed, ordinary people weren’t there.

In a way, it’s become the Dianification of the news, where the media eventually becomes the only audience that cares. Everyone else has tuned out, but the media still crowds around, pretending there is a story, and (as was the case with pathetic Di’s death and is the case with these ill-attended rallies) sometimes making the story.

Not only are the MSM 9/1 Democrat stateside, it appears that internationally the same tilt obtains for the ultra-left Ink-stained Wretchery called the International Media!

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