Thursday, June 14, 2007

Daniel Pearl: Freedom of Press---except for Fox

Orwell is becoming more and more relevant as the years pass since his demise.Animal House is where the pigs are more equal than the other animals, and a political fraud is being committed in the name of the martyred Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl. Serial adoptioneer Jolie has banned Fox News from her premiere of a movie purporting to demonstrate that the press must be free.

UPDATE: Here is the National Ledger on serial-whore and brother-kissing Angelina's gallant support of freedom of the press. Larry King and his Jason Eason-crew at CNN won't have any trouble signing anything, or making up stories about anything about the US in Iraq. They are serial suck-ups.

You just can't make up the cowardice and stupidity of the International Left!

I could go on and mention a 95-pound weakling named Harry Reid insulting our military commanders [Reid never served in the military] as "incompetent." But just let the foolish nitwits prattle on about AGW and other displacement phenomena. They are trying to ignore the three-ton elephant in the living room---their own foolishness.