Monday, June 11, 2007

O'Reilly Tops ABC News & Stewart as "Most Credible."

A recent survey commissioned by Adweek shows that a larger percentage of viewers seeBill O'Reilly as a dependable source of news than ABC-News, which ranks highest in viewers among the Network shows.

Jon Stewart's Daily Show and ABC are roughly tied in the credibility sweepstakes.

Of course, the reason many watch O'Reilly is that he does have different points of view on his Factor, unlike Keith Odorboy whose program is a non-stop-in-endless-feedback-loop DNC talking point and cheerleading session.

Charlie Gibson is somewhat fair-minded, unlike the twin parades of DNC PC rectitude that Williams and Couric display each evening. Brian Ross may have a larger percentage of exposes against Repubs than Dems, but he does share the blame.

O'Reilly is strident and preachy, but he does expose frauds like Andrea Mitchell when they do a streak-session during Republican debates on NBC. Williams is beyond help---exulting in his adulation of Jimmy Carter, whose WH he served in as an intern.

Stewart is funny. And does have some conservative viewpoints aired on his show.

But Dennis Miller is the funniest ranter on the news---getting in digs on Pelosi and Reid that no one else could pull off.

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The Gentle Cricket said...

The Daily show is tied with ABC News? Wow! I agree that O'Reilly is fairly balanced, but I also feel that ABC News presents the facts with very little opinion.