Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lott Says Talk Radio Rules; Reporters Give to Dems 9/1 over GOP

Having worked on all three of the former big three networks, plus PBS, I can inform you that "marketplace rules" don't operate when you have a trifecta of trivia like the closed circuit that existed until FOX News came and broke the liberal daisy chain.

We know you illuminati on the left believe you are sophisticated and we conservatives are hoi-polloi. But I read the Duino Elegies in German, Proust in French [as well as Layla wa Majnun in Arabic] and I still think Rush Limbaugh is the best thing to listen to while driving from Point A to Point B in the afternoon here in Boca!

The fact that Liberals have to twist and contort stats and polls to get around the fact that the US population is 5/2 or 3/1 self-described as conservative [versus “liberal” which few want to stain their resume with]. Polls from Pew, Gallup, Zogby and Jeffrey Goldberg’s wonderful article on Midwest Democrats all confirm that most Americans, even if they may vote or call themselves Democrats, are people of religious faith and a “Show Me” disposition—-except for “opinion-makers” in the MSM, Hollyweird, and Academicide, where life-long slackers with an attitude congregate.

I had Democratic credentials from way back until 9/11 when I underwent a rite of initiation, grew up, became an adult, began to let the scales fall from my eyes, and smelled the jasmine gardens of South Florida’s best radio person on air. [Actually, I just began late last year to listen on the advice of a PhD medical expert—who thinks Rush is great, but B O’R is primarily an entertainer.]

Talk radio is the ONLY "marketplace of ideas" except for the WSJ and Fox News out there [plus Drudge]. The reason the NYT is in a tailspin approaching death spiral is that the country is hungry for honest commentary, not the patty-cake bromides that libs on the three "broadcast" networks [ex-FOX] pretend are the parameters of debate.

So when a poll comes along that demonstrates again the results of the UCLA/UofCHICAGO study in 2003 that the MSM are liberal at a rate of around 90%, that's nothing new.

And when the greatest British PM [with the exception of Maggie] since Churchill,Tony Blair has a problem with the International Left Press, that's also endemic. I worked a while as a newsie/pressie in London and the drunken ink-stained hacks who constitute the majority of the London-based Press Corps make US journalists look like striped-pants diplomats.

Of course, the completely ethically-challenged Nibelungs at the World's Great-HypeShark, AKA the NYT allow their Ethics Columnist to contribute to liberal causes, that's because the NYT plays by different rules. But here is the conclusion of the UCLA/U of Missouri Study by Groseclose/Milyo & students over a twenty-year period:
"One of the most curious and surprising statistics in all of American politics is that an overwhelming number of journalists are liberal. For instance, Elaine Povich (1996) reports that only seven percent of all Washington correspondents voted for George Bush in 1992, compared to 37 percent of the American public. Lichter, Rothman and Lichter, (1986) and Weaver and Wilhoit (1996) report similar findings for earlier elections.

The reason this statistic is curious and surprising is that many consider the media the watchdog of government, sometimes calling it the “Fourth Branch of American Government.” If so, it is by far the least representative of the branches. These statistics suggest that journalists, as a group, are more liberal than almost any congressional district in the country. For instance, in the Ninth California district, which includes Berkeley, twelve percent voted for Bush, nearly double the rate of journalists. In the Eighth Massachusetts district, which includes Cambridge, nineteen percent voted for Bush, more than triple the rate of journalists. In the 14th California district, which includes Palo Alto, 26 percent voted for Bush, more than four times the rate of journalists."

The media is hardly a "watchdog of government," but more like a Cerberus guarding the gates as liberals enter their just-deserved after-life existence!

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