Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sick Schticko!

Andrew Sullivan may be the proverbial broken-clock traditionalist. Here he is on Moore:
Moore is both a practiced liar and not-too-smart. The implication that "free healthcare" run by the government is somehow immune to the laws of economics is classic Moore boilerplate

The MSM are trying to tout John Daly [oops, Michael Moore's] mediocre movie though it is getting damned by faint praise as A O Scott and other illuminati swallow their pride and dole out boilerplate kisses.

Reason Magazine is not impressed and The New Yorker's David Denby sums up the silly flick thusly:
Michael Moore has teased and bullied his way to some brilliant highs in his career as a political entertainer, but he scrapes bottom in his new documentary, "Sicko...... Moore winds up treating the audience the same way that, he says, powerful people treat the weak in America-as dopes easily satisfied with fairy tales and bland reassurances. And since he doesn't interview any of the countless Americans who have been mulling over ways to reform our system, we're supposed to come away from "Sicko" believing that sane thinking on these issues is unknown here. In the actual political world, the major Democratic Presidential candidates have already offered, or will soon offer, plans for reform. A shift to the left, or, at least, to the center, has overtaken Michael Moore, yielding an irony more striking than any he turns up: the changes in political consciousness that Moore himself has helped produce have rendered his latest film almost superfluous.

Moore told an English interviewer that Americans are "possibly the dumbest people on the face of the earth..."

Now that's a case of psychological projection!

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