Friday, April 13, 2007

Trial for a President of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry f

Here is another trial that will not be reported in the national media. Can you imagine if this person were a parish priest instead of President of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry? The Lost Angels Times would fall all over itself.

Dr. William Ayres is an esteemed child psychiatrist who was president for two years of the AACAP. His trial for "14 felony counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14—---adolescent boys to be more specific. According to prosecutor Melissa McKowan, 21 men accused Ayres of molesting them when they were children under his care, but because of the state’s ten-year statute of limitations, only three cases could be prosecuted" has been under the radar of the national media. Wonder why.

One of those California judges ruling from the bench near the seat of the Ninth Circus
Court is scratching her head:
Margaret Kemp, a San Mateo County judge who referred troubled youth to Ayres between 1978 until 2004, said, "I never had reason to question him... When we had kids who were charged with sex offenses, we would send them to him for evaluation." Kemp referenced the irony of her words about Ayres, noting, "Every time we saw someone charged with child molestation, family and friends would stand up in court—even after the person had pleaded guilty—and say there had to be a mistake, he wouldn’t do such a thing."

Kemp added, "I hear echoes of that in what I’m saying to you. Oftentimes, child molesters, particularly middle-class, educated people, are completely unsuspected by people who live with them or work with them.

I watched To Catch a Predator last night and saw a Jewish rabbi irate in being caught by Chris Hansen. The Rabbi was sentenced especially harshly to eight years in jail because the judge caught him lying under oath during his trial. Wonder why that rabbi wasn't in the Washington Post above the fold? If it were a priest, that's where the hateful MSM would have put the case.

The so-called "helping professions" all have bad apples and these rotten specimens should be sentenced. But when the vast majority of Americans fall into a victim category where for some reason or another they are exempt from full media scrutiny [Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Asians and other minorities, women and gender-confused individuals], then the only non-victims left are white Christian evangelicals and Catholics, for all practical purposes. This is an unannounced media agenda that the under-the-radar trial of Dr. Ayres, a member of the "helping professions," who betrayed the trust of the community. Dr. Ayres was in some sort of pedophile heaven, getting confused kids sent to him for treatment. One might speculate that Dr. Ayres betrayed his trust even more than bad priests---since the troubled kids sent to him were subjected to his tender ministrations far more than the authorities suspected.

The link above has other monstrosities taking place across the country, including the fairy tail weddings at DisneyWorld/Orlando later this month for same-sex partners. Or the "soulfarce" buses full of gays and trannies going to Christian colleges ala freedom riders to preach how religion persecutes young people.

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