Monday, April 16, 2007

Brit NUJ Condemns Israel---Palestinians Kill BBC Journalist

Stranger than fiction describes a session by third-rate ink-stained hacks who are in a journalist's union have voted to "boycott" Israeli goods and services. The same journalists killed a measure to condemn Israel for its "pre-planned attack on Lebanon last summer."

Hmmm..... I have a vague memory of several Israeli soldiers being killed and two kidnapped in a hostage-grabbing maneuver, like the one recently in which the Royal Navy displayed that Britannia no longer rules the waves.

The state of British whores and pimps with accreditation is beneath contempt. These must be the slaves that the song refers to in the next line of Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves.

And if the reports are true, journalism lost another hack over the weekend, according to an Al-Qaeda affiliate. One of the BBC sycophants for terrorism was murdered in Gaza, and I will love to see the coverage of that in the Brit terror-loving media. But one sane voice does speak out against idiocy among the slave corps of Janissery journalists in perfidious Albion.

It will be all the Jews' fault, and Israel will be the main culprit. The sweet victim Palestinians kill a Beebie cry-baby, then notch one more encomium from the Beeb whose hackocracy grabs its ankles for the AQ terror-bombers.

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