Monday, April 16, 2007

PBS Revisionist Disinformation Continues Tonight

Last night the first episode had its debut on PBS with a special based on a book I'm currently reading called "The Looming Tower" by Lawrence Wright. It went back to the famous book Arabic text "Milestones" written by Sayyid Qutb whom Nasser hanged in 1966.

At the time Osama bin Laden was an undergrad at King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah under Sayyid Qutb's charismatic brother Mohammed Qutb, I was going there while studying Arabic as a Second Language back in 1975. Suffice it to say that the atmosphere I personally felt on the campus was virulently anti-Western. ObL picked up his radical bent during his studies under the KAAU professor Qutb, according to the tendentiously pro-terrorist PBS special last night "America at the Crossroads."

Some of the "journalism" displayed last night on the PBS agit-prop resembles the Pro-Hezbollah cant that mouth-breathing Brit journalists exhaled in unison during the Lebanon border war last summer. Robert Fisk is chief among the terror apologists, but another such type surfaced on PBS last night.

The knuckle-walker in question is Gwynne Roberts, a mouthpiece for ObL who was on PBS last night singing AQ's praises, in case anyone stained their eyeballs watching Roger MacNeil, a pint-sized Lord Haw Haw whose camera angles make him look tall [I met him when I worked for PBS on a Middle East project and he's five-four max], and a failed bureaucrat named Scheuer who was chief of the Osama bin Laden task force in the CIA for eight years with results we all know.

In manner, atmosphere, and intonation both MacNeil and Scheuer echo shill Gwynnie-boy in vying to be ObL's tea-boys. The first episode of this controversial [more on that in another post] series hums if not sings the praises of Islamic terrorism and impugns the US every possible chance.

Hobbit-like Scheuer actually supported the Iraq invasion and the AQ/Saddam connection before the war, then issued a new self-negating fatwa a few months later giving a differentversion of where he stood when the tide in Iraq began to turn in the other direction. Here is an excerpt from the Weekly Standard:
Michael Scheuer, the one-time head of the CIA's bin Laden unit, also used to be certain that Iraq and al Qaeda were working together. Scheuer's first book on al Qaeda, Through Our Enemies' Eyes, which was published in 2002, went into elaborate detail about the support the Iraqi regime was providing to al Qaeda. Among the areas of concern was Iraq's ongoing support for al Qaeda's chemical weapons development projects in the Sudan.

Remember Churchill's line about not taking courage to rat? More on the tricky lil Hobbit:
n 2004, after fashioning a career as a critic of the Bush administration, Scheuer did an about face. He suddenly claimed that there was no evidence of a relationship. He even decided to re-write history--literally. He revised "Through Our Enemies' Eyes" to be consistent with his newly formed opinion by claiming he was simply mistaken. The bottom line is that members of the CIA, including the Agency's director, certainly believed in 2002 that there was a relationship between the Iraqi regime and al Qaeda.

Canadian leftists like MacNeil recruit US allies like the Hobbit to furnish a veneer of credibility, and tonight's episode on Iraq is sure to give the American people more revisionist disinformation on PBS, compliments of you and me and everyone who pays taxes for CPB.

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