Friday, April 20, 2007

Alec Baldwin: What a Mensch!

I don't usually blog on Hollyweirdo eccentricities except politically; last night I brain-lapsed common-sense and judgment while watching 30 Rock and told my wife Alec Baldwin was so hilariously self-demeaning in his corporate character that he can't be such a bad guy in real life.

How wrong could I be? Read the comment/excerpt from about this prince of a fellow:
Heres a little alec baldwin story for you all - my parents used to live in the same luxury bldg in NYC as he did when he was w Kim. One day Im in the lobby w my 2 young daughters trying desperatley to get a cab. Finally the doorman sees one and signals to us to come out. All of a sudden rite past me strides Mr. Baldwin and he gets rite into the cab, knowing full well this dad w a 4 and 6 yr old are waiting. Another taxi happened to pull up rite afterwards or I would have gone off on him. PS - the doorman looked at me and shrugged like "hey what can you do, thats who he is."

Hook onto the link for a few thousand comments on this jerk and his parental skills.

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