Monday, April 09, 2007

Olbermann Puff-Piece in Lib Mag

To those who switch during ads to Keith Olbermann during The Factor, often enough the stick-insect on MSNBC is ranting about Bill O'Reilly, who conversely has never mentioned this silly juvenile on his own show. One reason why may be that B O'R regularly has about four times the viewership of KO, despite the touting and boasting by NBC that KO has increased his viewership 50% [from almost nothing] in the last year. Although KO is episodically funny and often too clever by half, watching his show is pretty much an exercise of a predictable waste of time.

Keith Olbermann is a refugee sportscaster from ESPN [turns out he is the only major former ESPN sportscaster not invited to the vastly successful franchise's 25th Anniversary this Spring and if you want to know why, just read
New York Magazine for its hagiographic puff-piece on KO.] Hint: it turns out every single ESPN employee except Dan Patrick thinks KO is a nasty egocentric solipsistic cad/dork whose sharp elbows and snide remarks finally revolted every single one of his colleagues at ESPN, to one degree or another. If he returned to ESPN, KO would predictably get beaten up, which he admits happened all the time when he was a kid---because he admits that people just don't like him.

After you read the positive-spin puff-piece in New York mag linked above, you may be able to deduct just why KO is such a roundly disliked fellow by his fellow employees.

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