Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dr. William Gray Versus "Scientists" and "Climatologists"


Not to put too fine a point on it, but there IS manifest evidence for Global Warming. However, what part mankind plays in this fluctuation in world temps is a valid
point for scientific discussion, as the esteemed Dr. William Gray submits.

When two photographs of the same section of a Martian icecap taken ten years apart show that the icecap is melting, I would guess that even your average scientist would deduce that not all of the earth's heating up is due to carbon dioxide or other gases emitted by human enterprise.

But it appears that a lot of "scientists" have an agenda. What possible agenda could a disinterested "scientist" or "climatologist" have? My guess is that the emoluments of huge grants by NGOs and by countries whose citizens will be taxed for their carbon-based economies to find alternative sources of energy, or just bolster their messianic egos, could be a possible answer.

And which part of the political spectrum would favor such a tax-the-air-we-breathe carbon-offset program? Take one guess. And which countries would support this program, the wealth-creating capitalist nations or the nanny-state parasite drones?

If a camel is a horse designed by a committee, you can bet that any study sponsored by 120 countries and some 2500 "scientists" and "climatologists" resembles a chimera or a griffin or a wildebeest with ADD.

Those 2500 "scientists" should read the foremost philosopher-physicist of the 20th century, Richard Feynman, who warned about the temptations of "Big Science" way back in 1974 at CalTech in his famous commencement speech about "cargo cult science" which muses about "theories that don't work, and science that isn't science." His main point was that with NASA and other big government programs, there would be a strong temptation to cook the evidence so that scientific projects would get big money to study big problems. In the slang of science, "No problem, no money."

Now everyone knows that the planet has heated up over the last hundred and fifty years, which coincides with the industrialization of many countries and greenhouse gas emissions galore. But there is much evidence that the sun has recently kicked into one of its frequent warming cycles, which lasted for centuries in the "Middle Age Warming Period."

Interesting that the IPCC Study which included the MAWP in its '98 calculations has recently omitted such a significant period because it would make the IPCC conclusions appear less alarmist. The so-called "hockey stick."

Because that's the idea. Get a bunch of media types with double-digit IQs and quadruple-size egos to propound "cargo cult science" from Hollyweird and the weathermen of CNN and ABC. Get the SCOTUS to enable the EPA and get Sens. Snowe and pick-a-Dem to threaten oil companies for financing studies that may alter the one-sidedness of the debate. Get the villagers with the torches and the pitchforks on the move. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, even though in this case, the squeaks are largely sound effects.

Al Gore proclaims that he has been studying and proclaiming Global Warming for the last thirty years. As usual, this chronic specimen of pomposity is dishonest. Maybe twenty, Al. But thirty years ago, Global Cooling was all the rage, if you can remember that far back. The current hysteria is a symptom of displacement, a psychological mechanism that allows one to ignore real threats like Islamic terrorism, in order to focus on imaginary phantasms like Anthropogenic Global Warming. Part of the left's denial of reality, a symptom of a larger mass psychosis infecting much of the American electorate.

Every day I wake up happy to live in Florida, the state which kept that egregious buffoon, who couldn't even carry his native state of Tennessee, from becoming the second-worst president---after Jimmy Carter---since before the Civil War.

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Fact Finder said...

It is nice to find another person out there that actually makes sense!

Especially concerning "Global Warming." An excelent book on the subject is "The Politically Incorrect gide to Global Warming" by Christopher C. Horner, it is far scarrier than just burring our heads in the "Global Warming" sands to avoid looking at Terrorists.

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