Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Edwards' Neighbor Interview: She Owes Me an Apology

Bernie Goldberg has a new book coming out about "wimps on the right." The Charlie Crist sorts who react to the constant flimflammery from the left by allowing felons to vote, as everyone knows that felons, if they're ever going to vote, vote for the soft-on-crime Democrats.

Bernie Goldberg has a point, and one way the "wimps" on the right could absolve themselves would be if some major media outlet like Limbaugh or B O'Reilly had Monty Johnson, the down-home neighbor of the Edwards family who unknowingly earned the scorn of silk-curtain jumped-up trailer-trash with an attitude Elizabeth E, late of victim fame.

The interview linked to Monty should at least be looked at by Larry the Cable Guy as possible inspirational material. The cooler full of iced catfish did it for me!

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