Thursday, April 12, 2007

BBC, PBS and demassification

TCS has a good piece by Ed Driscoll, Jr. giving the details of how the machinery of Marxist malevolence operates in the UK media. "Demassification" means de-centralization, in Alvin Toffler Future Shock-Speak. Or devolution.

It appears that Bernie Goldberg isn't the only former liberal TV journalist who has seen through the ultra-left Marxian multiculti gibberish of the exempt-Pravda-on-the-Hudson wannabes. A British journalist with gumption and spine, two elements lacking among the "sports of nature" pontificating at the Brit state-subsidized Ministry of Truth called the BBC, named Robin Aitken is now subject to the same sort of campaign of derision, disdain, and personal hatred as Bernie Goldberg underwent stateside once his book Bias which depants and spanks heartily the MSM, became a New York Times best-seller. Aitken is now in hedgehog mode, but alleges that he saw a poster in a key BBC newsroom comparing Bush to Hitler and Driscoll gives this disturbing reason why:
Aitken believes that Bush's strong religious faith is one reason. "His overt Christianity is something that BBC by and large, finds intolerable in politicians. Certainly no British politicians would open themselves up to the accusation that they were religious. Tony Blair has felt the backlash from the BBC. The BBC hates any hint at all that politicians have some sort of religious hinterland. It despises that as a sort of superstition."

By that comparative index, Stalin would be better than Hitler because he was more atheistic?

Aitken has a good take on the Middle East:
"My view is that the Palestinians and the Palestinian leadership is the architect of its own misfortune in many ways. Whereas, what comes across from the BBC's presentation of events in Palestine and the Middle East generally, is that in some ways, the Palestinians are a put-upon victim minority, and it's the beastly Israelis who are doing the dirty to them.

"And you know, that is not a fair presentation of the position. Because the Israelis are militarily strong and successful, and the Palestinians aren't, I think the BBC allows that too much to play at its judgment, so that what comes across is too much sympathy, if you will, for the Palestinians, too little appreciation of the rights of Israel, and also too little recognition of the fact that Israel is a functioning democracy in a way that Palestine isn't, and nor is any Arab-dominated Middle Eastern state, and not enough credit is given for that in my view."

Similarly, another BBC bias is obvious from their tone of Iraq War coverage....."I think it took a clear editorial view, from the very first, that the Iraq War was mad, bad, and dangerous," and thus filtered that opinion to its millions of listeners, all the while, feigning objectivity.

As I noted in a recent blog the American counterparts to the BBC, CPB and PBS, share in the same biased attitude that Muslim terrorism doesn't exist, the Palestinians are persecuted, Iraq was a bad idea executed badly and the surge can't work.

This feigning objectivity jives very well with the newest instructions that the nomenklatura organs in the USA have distributed to their apparatchiki to disseminate arguments for the deconstruction of the Electoral College. Superannuated agitpreppie Hendrik Hertzberg, whose New Yorker column contains constant lapses of fact-checking, spelling, and grammar, is beginning to tout. As one of David Remnick's tea-boys, Hertzberg is among the West Side illuminati who with bad spelling ["Saudia Arabia" is a recent solipsism by Ricky-boy] and atrocious statistics [Bush at 29% approval is his constant mantra] continues to promote disinformation to advance an unconstitutional ultra-left project. Look for PBS with Jim Lehrer, a drawling low-key Goebbels for the left, to tout the electoral college trial balloon before the weekend.

Others like Dennis Kucinich are beneath five-feet tall and contempt as they insist that "Fairness" means that right-thinking radio hosts cannot have bigger audiences than sinister types---the absurdly-named "Fairness Doctrine" means "free speech for people who think like us." This means Air America might have another lease on life, despite being ignored by actual listeners. And Rush Limbaugh obviously violates no-fault-on-the-left dogma by reaching roughly 20 million listeners every day.

Suddenly the Kossacks and Smokin'BiyotchFeverSwamp are alleging a conspiracy between Limbaugh and Vice President Cheney to promote dissing Pelosi's Middle East trip. As though it were not ridiculous on the face of it! Pelosi and Holocaust-survivor Lantos are now panting to go to Teheran to pluck at the hem of the robe of the world's most rabid anti-Semite. All in the interests of "dialogue." You'd think Neville Chamberlain's experience at Munich might have taught the world the final lesson on dialogue with a madman.

If she is Munich/Tehran bound, Ms. Pelosi better get another Botox workover---although her resemblance to Skeletor in that shawl was scary enough.

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