Monday, February 19, 2007

Thoughts on Pres Day as Barone spanks NYT, LAT agitprop.

Despite the frantic agitprop by the New York Times and LAT to denigrate US intelligence on Iranian support for anti-US operations in Iraq,
Michael Barone has a magisterial but short rebuttal to the tabloid MSM style of these two rapidly descending outlets of anti-Bush propaganda. The link is an excursion into sane commentary about a subject clouded by the nutroot-influenced leftist MSM.

And if there is any doubt about the hysterical nature of the MSM cover-up of Iranian complicity in Iraq, Little Green Footballs has an Iranian TV photo from the Mullah-fans at the Los Angeles Times of what Iranians call US military equipment used to attack Iranian Revolutionary Guards. First of all, the photo is crudely photo-shopped from a Fars News Agency still photo and second, the photo has Russian anti-personnel equipment, which I'm sure the dolts at the LAT don't have a clue about, and would excuse as a clever US ploy to throw the MSM and Iranians off the scent.

Finally, the sanest person in the blogosphere, Dr. Sanity uses this article by Barone as a platform to observe the clinical insanity the MSM displays in her President's Day disquisition on the Bush-Derangement-Syndrome exhibited by Pinch Sulzberger's hellions and the anti-US crowd at the Los Angeles Times.

Often I am tempted to look askance at GWB, with his mispronunciations and folksy twang, but compared to the specimen of narcissistic self-centered autism shown by Bill Clinton and the shallow, dumb, dishonest hollow shells Gore and Kerry, the USA is lucky to have George Bush as president. Considering the alternative, I'm happy he's in the White House. No coke-snorting or slimeing of the Lincoln Bedroom under this administration.


Robert Hume said...

Just because Iran is providing materials to be used against our troops in Iraq does not mean that we should launch an aerial attack on their nuclear facilities ... which is the true goal of these briefings. To be soon followed by Regime Change in Iran.

Read Scott Ritter's "Target Iran" and remember that he was right about Iraq.

He shows that these are goals the US does not need. They are driven by a mistaken, ideological Israeli policy which is relying on Israeli intelligence which has proven wrong repeatedly and which has its way through AIPAC, etc.

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