Thursday, February 08, 2007

Did Russert Lie Under Oath? Yet?

Last night I watched PBS News with Jim Lehrer do a slavish eulogy of
Tim Russert and his masterful performance testifying in front of the Libby jury. A WaPo nomenklatura of the left named Carole Leonnig did a mini-hagiography of Russert while painting Libby as less than forthcoming.

Of course, the whole Plamegate fiasco started when the fraudulent huckster Joe Wilson did an Op-Ed in the NYT, immediately conferring media immunity from questioning, that left out significant parts of his CIA report that his careerist wife had put him in line to assemble, using his extensive Niger contacts. Wilson has been duly spanked and debunked by Christopher Hitchens, among others, but the media has covered up the fact that the entire FitzFong prosecution of Scooter Libby is a snipe hunt----a complete red herring which attempts to calumniate the Vice President by a process crime that depends on various peoples' memories of who told what to whom and when.

What we do know is that FitzFong knew on April 10th of 2005 that Richard Armitage was the one who leaked the Plame name, but FitzFong knew where his bread was buttered and began a paper/scissors/rock game of trying to trip up an Administration higher-up just to keep media-whore journalists like Carole Leonnig cooing his praises.

This whole fiasco is a complete frame-up from beginning to end and Joe Wilson should be prosecuted for leaking---selectively---parts of his CIA study which opposed the Administration policy on Iraq. Wilson has been around the block often enough to know that this would polish so many apples on the leftist mass-psychotic MSM that he could dine and give dinner speeches and get top-notch lefty consultancies ad infinitum if he did a John Dean impersonation.

So Russert is a folk hero to the raving fever swamp denizens and pathetic cheerleaders like Carole Leonnig. But if he told the FBI something he didn't tell the court, then he is dancing on the edge of perjury, and all the lefty three-card monte in the world won't clear him from being the male version of Leonnig.

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