Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mass Psychosis Drives Global Warming Fears

How to explain the whack-a-doodle gyrations of preposterous weather-boys like pretty-locks Sam Champion of ABC, except as deliberate satire on Max Headroom or Bob Forehead or John Edwards Breck-boy templates? Or the ultra-serious CNN clown Miles O'Brien playing "let's pretend I'm a serious scientist" about Global Warming?

Dr. Sanity examines and explains some of the borderline mental disorders affecting the liberal mindset from her Ann Arbor perch, a very good neighborhood to observe whackiness about the weather at close hand. Dr. Sanity is a member of Pajamas Media "Sanity Squad" which debunks the hysteric ravings that pass for journalism and analysis by leftist political commissars:
[Recently] the [Sanity] Squad debunked a Psychology Today article asserting that conservatives are motivated by fear, while the liberal left has cornered the market on rationality and reason. Obviously, the author of that "scientific" article didn't take into account the left's preaching about the coming environmental apocalypse.

If you want to observe the abandonment of reason and the manipulation of fear, simply cconsider the incredible histrionics being exhibited by the left about global warming. Their fear-filled predictions of imminent doom and catastrophe have been going on for five decades now.

First we were going to be wiped out by Erlich's population explosion ; then the planet was definitely doomed by nuclear winter; and--was it only a few short years ago?--they were going on about global....cooling.

And how could we forget to the inevitable end of civilization as we knew it from Y2K (at least according to the United Nations Report on the matter) ?

Each of these "imminent" doomsday scenarios were described in their time as the "greatest threat that human civilization has ever known." Each amounted to absolutely nothing of consequence. Zip, Zilch, Nada.

Thankfully, none of the proposed draconian measures suggested to prevent these disasters were ever implemented. See here for a fascinating look back on the hysteria; plus a discussion about what happens when you mess around with complex systems--systems like the earth's climate, for example.

In all of these instances, the proposed solutions were always the same: BIG--really really big--GOVERNMENT. Government would rescue us! New laws would save the day and keep all of us pathetic human beings and our environmentally destructive behavior in check. Unbelievably harsh measures were always suggested--up to and including the deliberate elimination of large numbers of humans in order to accommodate the agenda of the eco-tyrants.

As Mark Twain once said, "I’ve seen a heap of trouble in my life, and most of it never came to pass."

Read the whole post and an interesting previous posting on Iraq by John Burns. Dr. Santy is my guru on the aberrations foisted on the American public by MSM and Hollyweird illusionists. She's a good antidote to the delirium on daily news concerning just about every subject.

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