Saturday, February 17, 2007

"Chairman" Murtha's Not-So-Hidden Agenda

The latest Soros emanation, a group called, is caught with its fly down in an on-line flier asking folks to listen to Chairman John Murtha will describe his strategy for not only limiting the deployment of troops to Iraq,
but undermining other aspects of the president’s foreign and national security policy.

Hmmm..... That sounds like a recipe for advancing America's true national interests, an AQ mole as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee! [h/t:Mickey Kaus]

Murtha's getting more aggressive in his dotage, like the Florida geezers I see roaring around in Ferraris and Porsches thinking they have something to demonstrate. The Washington Post has an editorial today which basically uses Murtha as a demonstration that Franklin's adage "there's no fool like an old fool" is alive and well on the Armed Services Committee. When the Post thinks you're too far left, you are an old fool.

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