Friday, February 16, 2007

Liberal Blogger Scolds Ultra-left Loonies re: Edwards Flap

The politically wrong-footed John Edwards has probably lost whatever momentum he might have had by stupidly delaying the jettisoning of two rabid Catholic-haters from running his blog operation. Underneath that pretty head of hair rests....not much, it the line of thinking equipment. Better for John-boy to go back to his Bigt House Old Manse in NC and start up again getting juries to buy sob stories that get him big payoffs. Maybe they'll buy his anti-corporate, class-war, Pitchfork Ben Tillman populist rabble-rousing.

The Politico reflects on the ranting rabid moonbattery that ensued from the ultra-left when Bill Donohue brought up the hate-blogs that two gender-indeterminate misfits from Edwards blog-machine had posted re the Catholic Church. Donohue was attacked ceaselessly, and the real merit of Edwards' implied insult not only to over sixty million Catholic voters, but over a hundred and twenty million other Christians was ignored, glossed over, or simply dismissed as irrelevant to the hate-vision of the ultra-left.

Read the link above, as it is a reasoned and reasonable discourse by a liberal blogger with lots of political chops. More reason to read Gerstein is to see the crazed comments from ultra-left loonies on how Gerstein "has no right" to criticize the anti-Katholic Klan Krowd because he worked for Joe Lieberman, "QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM," i.e., proving Gerstein's point completely about the ad hominem pre-pubescent exhalations and excretions of the mentally-underdeveloped KOS-Krowd.

For another view, try linking to Howie Kurtz in today's Washington Post as he interviews Michelle Malkin, my favorite American-Asian blogger. Howie as usual defers to Andrew Sullivan, who by recanting his conservative ethos has gained respectability among the MSMers [though one WaPo commenter calles Andrew "Bill Arkin with an earring!"], as the reigning Chief Justice of the Blogosphere Court, but does give Michelle her due as a dogged fighter and one who gives as good as she gets----unfortunately, she gets regularly hosed by racist bigots and feminist trolls, so her responses have the feeling of a "second foul" in basketball, the one that always gets called by the MSM leftist zebras.

Again, reading the voluminous comments to Howie Kurtz's piece is illuminating if not a bit unappetizing, as the premature excretory functions of the lefties are on full parade---a non-stop spew reminding us of why we centrist-Republicans must continue to work hard for a White House free of Lincoln Bedroom antics in 2009.

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