Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ivins: R[ewrite] I[n] P[erpetuity]

Okay, the old saying is Nil de Mortuis Nisi Bonum [Speak no ill of the dead], but leftist firebrand
Molly Ivins did have a peculiar bent for pinching other peoples' prose and metaphors, as my fave guilty pleasure "" outlines in detail. One snippet:
"[C]urious how plagiarism seems a minor thing when the plagiarist is an ideological soulmate" ruminated a member of a listserv for editorial writers. She had been following a discussion of syndicated political columnist Molly Ivins' most recent plagiarism gaffe--copying of content from a Washington Post story which incorrectly detailed President George W. Bush's Social Security plan.

She was so lazy that she pinched INACCURATE content, and was nailed fair and square.

With his usual grace and generosity, GWB had some kind words for Molly, which proves once again that class will out, the old-fashioned, pre-Marxist kind, that is. Wish I were as kind as the President she usually called "Shrub."

UPDATE:Hilarious, as Molly Ivins, the most noted plagiarizer of Washington Post copy, who pinched an INACCURATE WPost summary of GWBs social security plan, among many of her lying and dishonest exploits, is sainted by Maya Angelou, of the kumbayeh klub, and Dionne Jr, a girlie man in retreat from reality. Guess the Post doesnt mind being plagiarized by a left-wing slattern. Ivins was a foul-mouth, a sort of shock-jock before her time, who is a Howard Stern on politics. She is not a journalist, even though she plagiarized from some good ones. Deborah Oren of the New York Post was a real journalist, something rare in the world of the NYT/WP. No obit for Deborah.

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