Saturday, February 03, 2007

Brit Imam Compares UK to Nazi Germany

The London Times has a long article about a heavily-Muslim Birmingham suburb called Sparkbrook wherein
Mohammed Idrees was prepared to talk. A 37-year-old car mechanic, he was polite, friendly and utterly certain that any plot to kill a British Muslim soldier had been the work of "the Government or people hired by the Government."

Mr Idrees went on to explain that his duty as a Muslim came before his duty to Britain. He would leave the country rather than fight against a fellow Muslim in a country such as Iraq or Afghanistan.

There's the spirit of the Battle of Britain all right.

Mr. Idrees gets his paranoia from his chief imam Muhammed Naseem, Chief Imam of Birmingham where the plot was foiled. This specimen of utter ignorance opined that

the UK arrests were similar to persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Now I have an M.A. in European History from the University of Michigan, and I just don't recall the German Jews blowing themselves up and killing over fifty innocent Germans on the streets of Berlin in the '30s.

And it's interesting that this same ignoramus would, if asked, probably deny the existence of the Holocaust.

But Imam Naseem is a multiculti kumbayeh liberal compared to
The Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, on Green Lane, [who] was outraged to be the subject of an undercover television investigation last month in which a preacher was secretly filmed as he allegedly spouted hatred of Christians and Jews. Osama bin Laden was better than a thousand Tony Blairs, explained Abu Usamah, before going on to describe homosexuals as “perverted, filthy dogs” and explaining that all women have a deficient intellect.

Darn those pesky undercover TV investigations, which bust pedophiles in the US and "Islamic scholars" in the UK. May peace not be upon them!

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