Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Libby Trial, in One Sentence

Ann Althouse has a good sum-up of the farce Prosecutor FitzFong is overseeing in DC concerning the leak of the name of a petty functionary at the CIA. But the comments following Ann's comments are worth perusing, including one genius sentence that sums up the whole tawdry affair by a commenter signing as "sbw":
Grouping bloggers together reminds me of how racism was once defined -- ignorant overgeneralization. It is worth parsing out:

1) FiredogLake's live-blogging was an excellent public service [so long as you ignored the catty, ill-founded remarks in the square brackets] but the comments' tended toward dogmatic BDS (Bush-Derangement Syndrome) irrationality that added little insight.

2) Just One Minute was more interested in teasing out the facts and connections of the case, even if it eventually pointed towards Libby's guilt. The collective memory and intellect was focused, above all, on understanding -- systematically but genially dissecting BDS trolls who sought to disrupt the process.

That distinction made, in the end, the whole enchilada appears to be that Joe Wilson, a State Department has-been so obsessed by his own vanity that he outed his own wife and who a year earlier said uranium was sought by Iraq in Africa before he said it was not sought by Iraq, was used as a cheap, throwaway dirty trick by the Kerry campaign to dupe lazy pseudojournalists from the NYTimes, Newsweek, WaPo, Time, and NBC, which led Senate Democratic politics-is-a-dirty-game-players like Chuck Schumer, to push for a rabid, unfettered special prosecutor like Fitzgerald, who, in a previous life bested by attorney Scooter Libby, then broke all the DOJ rules in fruitless a hunt to bring down Dick Cheney, and whose investigation immunized the wrong people and didn't follow up the simplest leads that would have lead to Richard Armitage, the original leaker of non-covert operative Valarie Plame Wilson's identity, who likely leaked Plame's relationship to several journalists because of a turf war with the CIA, an organization that, like State, also has leaked like a sieve whenever the bureaucrats disagreed with the administration, and that, like State, has yet to be held accountable by the equally irresponsible Department of Justice.

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RogerA said...

Dayum, SBW--you got the whole case in one complete (albeit long) sentence. Well Done!

I agree. And of course, the MSM and a lyin' idiot named Shuster have acquitted themselves as hopeless mouthy hacks. Ditto freak-show Chris Matthews.

And that's a wrap!

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