Monday, July 09, 2012

Rahm Emanuel: Godfather & Babysitter's Client

My GOP daughter

Rahmbo is presiding over a Chicagoland which has become a shooting gallery. Right when homocide rates are declining across the nation, Chicago and Detroit, two prototypical Dumborat cities, are keeping the average up, with an assist by Washington, DC, a plantation where the Dumborats are the Simon Legree's keeping the slaves numb and dumb with drugs & a non-functioning school system.

Doesn't the midget mayor sound just like the failed fingerpointer-in-chief in this para:
After weeks of media reports about Chicago homicides — which so far are up nearly 38 percent from last year — Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy defiantly said during a news conference that the gang strategies in place before McCarthy arrived were the ones that failed, not the new ones.
More beat officers are now on the streets and staying in specific areas, replacing the large, specialized units that would temporarily drop into crime-ridden areas. Emanuel and McCarthy said they have no plans to change that strategy, and the mayor announced Monday that he's devoting another $4 million to tear down vacant buildings where gang members live and store guns and drugs.

Oh yeah, the failed police policies before that are succeeded by policies so successful that the murder rate is UP 38% must be because of the predecessor's failed policies....

Who does this lame little dweeb think he's fooling?

Just like the American people see through the whining Buck-Stops-There BarackO, so the Chicagoans trapped in a one-party system are as unable to escape their fate as Russian dissidents were under "Uncle Joe Stalin," first cousin in a political sense to the Traitor-to-His-Class who tried to pack the SCOTUS back in 1937. Rahmbo is a dwarf version of his former slave-master BarackO...!!!

P.S. The reference to Babysitter's client refers to the fact that little Rahm and his Entourage brother Ari were babysat by the same Irish nanny who babysat my daughter Niki.

Niki is a lot better-looking and is a registered Republican.

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