Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Conor Dwyer Helps Phelps Gain 19th Medal

Conor Dwyer was a classmate of my daughter Niki at Faith Hope Charity School in Winnetka back in the early '90s. I remember chatting with Conor's winsome mom Jeannie who had been a swimming champion at Florida State before getting married and still looking very young and sportive.

Niki and I sat and watched the very late re-run of the swim put on the tube almost a dozen hours after the fact by the sleaze-bags at NBC. Niki's fondest memory of Faith Hope was of Jimmy Murphy, whose uncle O'Donnell had played Robin to Batman in one of the early versions of the epic. Jimmy was smitten by Niki and promised her a ride in the Batmobile.

At least Conor will be able to show off a gold medal that he truly earned, even though Phelps and Conor's training partner at UF Ryan Lochte did help a bit...!

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