Monday, July 23, 2012

Media Ignores Comparison with Norway's Mass Killings

This link shows Anders Behring Breivik's diabolical plan to divert police and fire rescue from the main site of his mass killings. Evidently the social outcast Holmes in Aurora concocted a similar scheme after his world began to disintegrate. Holmes began amassing his arsenal in May after he decided to drop out of his PhD studies in neuroscience. Breivik lived alone in the hilly Norwegian countryside. But Holmes' plan to play very loud music to attract police, leaving the door slightly ajar with a fishline tripwire attached to an IED behind his door, was designed to cause a huge explosion, killing or maiming any Aurora police response. This was timed roughly a half-hour before his rampage in a crowded midnight showing of Dark Knight Rises.

Breivik's plan worked because his explosion in front of government ministries was successful, unlike Holmes' failed attempt. Also, Breivik's second follow-up massacre on Utoeye Island was far away from downtown Oslo where the first murderous explosions took place. Police took almost an hour to respond to the slaughter of 77 Labor Party activist teens, whereas the response to the Aurora 911 calls were under 2 minutes! Also, Holmes did inform the police that his apartment was booby-trapped.

Parenthetically, long ago I was on a cross-country trip in my old BMW & stopped in Aurora to visit friends, including a high school classmate who was mayor at that time. We split up after seeing the movie The Exorcist in a local theater and I and another buddy walked back to my old BMW. It had snowed heavily a few days ago and right next to my car door I found a small rubber doll's head almost identical to the demon statue found by the Jesuit priest in the opening scene of the movie we had just seen. The movie was scary enough. The omen or synchronicity of finding the devil doll convinced me that it was a sign that evil truly exists in the world. Last year, Breivik proved this original sin is still here.

Forty years later in another Aurora theater, on July 20th, Holmes proved it still does.

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