Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jon Stewart Rips Brian Ross For Aurora Shooting Tea Party Gaffe (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart rips Brian Ross [as I did previously on my blog] for not apologizing. "Correcting" a mistake is one thing. Not apologizing when the "mistake" is an accusation of being a mass murderer is unconscionable. Yes, the time to debate gun control is right after the mourning period ends, about two-three days. But those calling for gun control clearly have lost the national dialogue over the last twenty years, when support for gun control of a strict sort has diminished from almost 70% to around 40%. That's a pretty steep nose dive and NOT due to the so-called nefarious NRA. It's due to the lousy arguments of the pro-control advocates in a society where ILLEGAL guns number over a million and are often in the hands of people inclined to break the laws of the land.
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