Thursday, September 08, 2011

Cosmic Rays Vie With Sunspots as Extraterrestrial Climate Changers

CERN is a huge European equivalent [actually larger than] the huge FermiLab & Brookhaven & CalTech science centers which do cutting edge research on stuff as varied as the Higgs Boson, the invention by a British research scientist of html, and now, using the largest electron accelerator in the world, looking for the effect of cosmic rays and solar wind on long-term climate changes on Planet Earth.

Don't look to Al Gore, who is making millions in his financial stake in "carbon credits," a fiscal hoax that may rival Bernie Madoff in its Ponzi possibilities. He's gonna stick with man-made climate change no matter what the science says, since this D+ science student [his only grade at Vanderbilt on the subject in his very stilted college career]. It should be noted that he was going to Divinity School at the time since he was unable to complete his undergrad studies at Harvard due to mental illness [as well as clinical stupidity]. No law school would accept him even though his Senator daddy tried hard to get him in.

I've written often in this blog about the effect of the long-term sunspot cycle and the Middle Age Warming period, attested by historical sources across Europe from about 1000-1500 AD and the subsequent Little Ice Age [circa 1645-1715AD]. The so-called Maunder Minimum is the period of around 120 years of the Little Ice Age when telescopes were unable to discern many sunspots on the Sun, causing a cooling of the Earth's climate which occurred at the same time.
Currently, the sun is in the midst of the period designated as Cycle 24 and is ramping up toward the cycle's period of maximum activity. However, the recent findings indicate that the activity in the next 11-year solar cycle, Cycle 25, could be greatly reduced. In fact, some scientists are questioning whether this drop in activity could lead to a second Maunder Minimum, which was a 70-year period from 1645 to 1715 when the sun showed virtually no sunspots.

The fact that a serious scientific institution like CERN is willing to consider cosmic ray variations as another, or perhaps concomitant, cause of Global Warming and Cooling entirely independent of human industrial activity spells a serious threat from the serial dunce Al Gore and GOP candidate for POTUS Jon Huntsman, a true cat's-paw for the Obamandias Administration he served so faithfully and well as US Ambassador to China.

Perhaps the Manchurian Candidate in the White House has another Manchurian, or perhaps Han/Morman, candidate waiting in the Republican Party's leftward wing as a possible successor!?! Huntsman appears as vapid and insincere as Obama during the GOP debates at the Reagan Library last nite.

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