Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Obama Is Either a Traitor or an anti-Semite, but not a Racist

Andrew Malcolm of the LA Times tries to figure out just when and how Obungler makes sense on foreign policy, by a long list of his many warnings to the various states in the Middle East undergoing the Arab Spring.

In the meantime at Cannes, Peter Fonda called this doofus in the White House a "traitor," so obviously Peter is a racist. Now that Andrew Malcolm is calling this doofus in the White House a doofus, though couched in more respectful language, Andrew will also be a "racist," though for a completely different reason. Just like Obungler's many warnings to Syria & Libya and Bahrain & Yemen & Mubarak, all the Middle East leaders who don't agree with his warnings will be branded "racist," even though many of them are of African descent & heritage.

So confusing when the journalists in the USA have a hard time sorting out who's a worse racist, Fonda or Malcolm or, say, Mubarak.

And now that Obungler has officially announced himself as an anti-Zionist which is really a code word for "anti-Semite," the Norah O'Donnell, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell Irish mafia will have to sort out who's worse, the racists or the anti-Semites, and why opposition to Obungler makes his opponents into one or the other or on rare occasions, "racist anti-Semites."

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