Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Obama a Shoo-In for Re-Election?

Obama and his "victory lap" are recounted by Dana Milbank, house moron for the WaPo. I am so happy that OBL got sent to Hell missing half of his skull that I will forgive Obama a bit and allow him a couple of times around the track. [I studied Arabic in Jidda at King Abdul-Aziz University while Osama was a student there, but never remember seeing a 6'5" fellow among the thousands of students.] I am happy that this degenerate fanatic has been frog-marched by US SEALS to his death.

But now, as Andrew Malcolm sardonically notes, Obama is taking credit because he only got nine rounds of golf in this weekend.

Obama and his coterie of cowards, physical cowards who are brave telling others to risk their lives, think that they have a smooth path toward re-election, as does ditz-in-chief Baba Wawa and her coven of crones [Hasselbeck excepted] on The View.

Crones like Behar, Goldberg and the ancient fossil Baba herself aren’t clever enough to remember how George H. W. Bush was a shoo-in after the tremendous victory in 1991, twenty years ago.

How’d that work out again?

Once again, it’s okay to gloat a bit, but will the lamestream MSM have any sense of shame or perspective on this good choice by Obama to go after the monster and kill the dog without a trial? I have a feeling that these imbeciles and moral lepers on the left have lost all sense of balance and coherence when in comes to advancing their nanny-state agenda.

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