Thursday, May 05, 2011

Operation Neptune's Spear

Neptune's Spear
is the trident and the symbol of the Navy SEALs. The Operation to get Bin Laden was successful, but that doesn't mean that the work is over:
Evidence seized from the compound is said to include 10 cell phones, five to 10 computers, 12 hard drives, at least 100 "computer disks" (including thumb drives and DVDs), handwritten notes, documents, weapons and "an assortment of personal items."[93][180][70]
A special CIA team has been tasked with combing through the digital material and documents removed from the bin Laden compound.[181] The material is being stored at the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, where forensic experts will analyze fingerprints, DNA and other trace evidence left on the material.[180]
Intelligence analysts will also study call records from two phone numbers that were found to be sewn into bin Laden's clothing.[180]

Reports are coming out now that are unconfirmed that before the Osama couriers took over the house, it had been used as a "safe house" by Inter-Services Intelligence [ISI]. I once had a onetoone meeting with the Deputy ISI in Islamabad, who was about as uninformative as it is possible to be.

But somebody in the ISI den of thieves has a lot of explaining to do, especially to India, which knows that the ISI is giving shelter to the Mumbai massacres' perps of last year. If India asks for US assistance, shall we give it?

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