Monday, May 16, 2011

DSK [Dominique Strauss-Kahn] Stuck in Deep Pile of Donkey DooDoo

La Belle et Le Bete

Fox News has some more of the details on the brutal rape that DSK allegedly committed on a 32-year old hotel maid who followed all rules of protocol in entering DSK's room AFTER the noon check-out time [My spouse & I were in Miami at the Oriental Mandarin at virtually the same moment checking out at 1255PM]. Her blood is on the bedsheets where she was raped the first time and then he dragged her, allegedly, to the bathroom where he attempted oral rape a second time. To say that a man who has an agreement with Air France to get on one of their planes without a reservation at the last minute and get a First Class seat is a flight risk goes without saying. Although his long-time Socialist colleagues are defending him back in France, he is being kept without bail until a May 20th arraignment.

One former Socialist colleague NOT defending DSK's behavior is his second wife's goddaughter Tristane Banon who described the Maurice Chevalier manque's technique thusly:
The 62-year-old head of the International Monetary Fund, who was tipped to become the President of France next year, ‘vigorously’ denies the claims made by an unnamed American chamber maid.
But now Tristane Banon, the 31-year-old god-daughter of Strauss-Kahn’s second wife Brigitte Guillemette, said he attacked her almost a decade ago.
Ms Banon will now tell French detectives about the alleged attempted rape, which took place in an anonymous studio flat in Paris in 2002.
Strauss-Kahn lured the then 21-year-old trainee journalist to the property under the promise of an interview, and then started to rip her clothes off, it is claimed.
‘I kicked him, I called him a rapist, he didn’t seem to care,’ said Ms Banon in earlier interviews, in which she also described Strauss-Kahn as acting like a ‘rutting chimpanzee’.
Ms Banon’s mother, Anne Mansouret, said the only reason she did not press charges at the time was because 'she was just starting out in journalism' and was afraid of being 'defined by the story' of being attacked by a senior politician.

Yes, it does look like curtains for DSK's forthcoming presidential ambitions, but the disgraceful hyena Chirac was almost as abrupt, rumor has it, in his own straightforward bodice-ripping approach to young females.

And the beauteous young Tristane wasn't the only object of DSK's unrequited affections, as it turns out:
Aurelie Filipetti, a respected French Socialist MP, said in 2008 that she was groped by Strauss-Kahn and would 'forever make sure' she was never 'alone in a room with him'.
In the same year Strauss-Kahn admitted to a sexual relationship with one of his subordinates, Piroska Nagy.
He was cleared of harassment, favouritism and abuse of power following an inquiry - but kept his job, while Ms Nagy moved on.

The old IMF wrist-slap, always works to keep the reputation from too much tarnish.

The Socialist Guardian doesn't think the incident helps socialism, But I for one believe that DSK has brought the socialist ideals of "entitlement" to a whole new level of intensity.

And DSK famously said that he'd never be president because of his wealth, his Jewishness, and "the fact that I love women." Looks like DSK's kind of "love" is now going to help Marine Le Pen get her party into the one-to-one presidential race.
UPDATE YThe New York Post has the single most damning detail:
Defense Attorney] Brafman tried to convince the judge that Strauss-Khan -- who faces four felonies, including attempted rape and criminal sexual acts -- was far from a flight risk.
"This isn't someone who was about to flee the jurisdiction . . . He . . . has four children, and being accused of being a rapist is something he wants resolved," Brafman said of his 62-year-old client.
He asked the judge to free him on $1 million bail -- Strauss-Kahn's loyal, New York-born wife, Anne Sinclair, had already wired the entire amount in cash, he said.
The white-haired, debonair dad would even stay with his 26-year-old daughter, Camille, a married poli-sci student at Columbia University while awaiting hearings, Brafman said.
Camille and her husband arrived about halfway through the hearing to support her father. The pair, both grim-faced and dressed in jeans, said nothing as they stood in the back of the courtroom.
But Chief Assistant District Attorney Daniel Alonso, the second-in-command in the office, who had demanded that Strauss-Kahn be remanded without bail, scoffed at the idea.
"It's just like Roman Polanski -- it's the same, exact situation," Alonso warned Jackson, referring to the movie director who was charged with a sex act involving a child in California in 1977 and fled to France to dodge prosecution for more than 30 years.
France has no extradition agreements with other countries, and Strauss-Kahn faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

Yep, Roman Polanski, another Jewish pig who now sits in Eurotrashland a POS free from extradition because of Frog trash. We will take care of this particular Frog POS ourselves. Consider it payback for Frog sex fiend protection of Polanski.
UPPERDATE Tristane Banon's version and Matt Welch's Hit And Run hilarious DEMOLITION of "public intellectual" Bernard Henri-Levy are both worth looking into.

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