Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Urkel Strikes Again---This Time Sucking Up to Iran

What, Me Worry?

Obama's calm rhetoric doesn't prevent him from being the Steve Urkel of foreign policy presidents---Missile Shield Removed from Poland at the behest of Vlad the Empoisoner on 70th
Anniversary of Soviet '39 Invasion from the East, Sucking up to America-Hating Commie Caudillo Narcostates in Latin America, Slapping Down American allies [Honduras, Israel] at every opportunity while bowing and generally doing a "yes, sir; please, sir" step'n-fetch-it routine with Muslim tyrants and Saudi "monarchs."

And let's not forget that "reset" button famously given by Hillarious Clyntoon to her Russian counterpart Lavrov in incorrect faulty Russian!!! Did someone from Foggy Bottom get booby-trapped by a Rosetta Stone fake? Try Pimsleur next time! [Hillarious is the bimbo who also timed the missile extraction six months after Urkel claimed that GWB's anti-missile shield versus Iran was "set policy."]

Now Iran tests a missile capable of reaching Poland & the Czech Republic [and Israel] and is caught fashioning a nuclear-trigger mechanism and refusing to export the enriched uranium it is making and what does Urkel do?

Exactly what Gilly's teacher does in those tedious SNL skits they bored us with late last week with "An SNL Christmas."

Either Nothing.

Or an Urkel-like stumble-fumble.....

I for one disapprove of this Urkel dude representing our country overseas and believe he should be kept safely stateside for the remainder of his one-term administration.

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