Tuesday, December 22, 2009

EuroStar Blinking Out Because of a "Snowstorm."

Eurostar is the fast [expensive] superservice between and among London, Paris, and Brussells and succeeded the Chunnel which began in the eighties.

Remember when we Yanks used to look down a wee bit on the Euros for being quaint and slightly technically retarded, but forgave them because of their marvelous railroad system and the EurailPass? Those days seem to be behind us, not that the US has a rail system above barely adequate. Verging on a national disgrace.

Eurostar virtually stopped functioning last week because of some snowstorms more or less normal for this time of year and while it coincided with the bogus St. Vitus Dance taking place in Copenhagen, the foul-ups demonstrated again that Europe shouldn't attempt assuming some sort of world political role while its own affairs are in such a tedious snarled condition.

I recall from my student days reading somewhere that a European savant of the nineteenth century of the Nietzchean mold wrote that the US was the only civilization to pass from barbarism to decadence without an intervening culture. Perhaps the Europeans can be described in a similar manner as to mastery of modern technologies dealing with civic order and convenience.

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