Saturday, December 19, 2009

Democrat's First Principle

James Taranto in his Mencken-like way notes the what REALLY counts for Demo-rats:
Bringing ObamaCare to the floor requires an affirmative vote from every non-Republican in the Senate, which means that Reid and his men will fail in their efforts unless they persuade Nelson to vote with them. To win over Lieberman, the Dems were willing to give up government-run insurance in the form of both the "public option" and the "Medicare buy-in." It seems that abortion is more dear to them than socialism.

This is so true because even though he lost by a margin of four percent, McCain actually won a majority of male voters in the 2008 election. The Demo-rats are becoming a party of women, which makes understandable the hysterical reactions so many of its female or gay members demonstrate when confronted with reality.

That will come in 2010.

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