Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dr. Watson, You've Projected Yourself Live on the BBC!

A Climate Hoax "Professor" blurted out his assessment of his own behavior projected onto Marc Moreno by calling M.M. an "assh*le" live on a televised debate in the UK.

Methinks you don't need to be a Sherlock to figure out that this Dr. Watson is a complete fraud...!

NASA stateside has been dragging its heels on FOIA requests because the Chief Fraud Hoaxer is a certain Lyin' Al Gore named James Hansen. This batsh*t freak is the head of the Goddard Center in the D.C. area where he can confabulate with second-rate minds in the DNC on how to raise taxes using the AGW hoax and cap & trade [AKA "Crap & Enslave!" h/t The Other McCain] to turn the world's greatest economy into a corpse consumed by Third World Parasites like Zimbabwe. China, of course, gets away free while polluting more with its brown coal power plants than the USA does in its entire power generation emissions output.

Big Science's demise may be near as the colossal scamming by "peer review" posses restricting any contrarian input is revealing the complete falsification of the scientific method to achieve Big Government's socialist objectives. Read Dan Henninger's thoughtful article on the end of an era. And NASA, stop killing Shuttle astronauts with your bogus science, which Richard Feynman predicted in the eighties would cause "catastrophic events" every fifty launches.

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