Thursday, December 24, 2009

John {Hari] Kerry Outhumbles Obama in Bowing & Scraping to Iran

The Democrats have a Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair even dumber and less morally scrupulous than the previous, the gaffe-a-day Joe-the-Joke Biden. The flip-flopper from MA about whom nothing is authentic [a fake-Catholic Jew-boy who got three purple hearts and will not authorize the paperwork behind their suspicious origins---three PH's got you out of 'Nam back when this scam-meister was operating in the Mekong Delta] now is mediating between Obama and Karzai, of whom Karzai is the lesser crook, Obama and Bashar Assad in Syria, where Obama & Bashar come out even, and Kerry is the low-point of that triangle.

This Perfect Hairdo whose empty head beneath acquired lower grades at Yale than his antagonist GWB --- Jerk-off John had a GPA of around 75, while comporting himself like some sort of Continental Intellectual. [Which brings to memory the feeble-minded Al Gore, whose HIGHEST grade in a science course at his DIVINITY SCHOOL was a D+!]

However, Teresa Heinz's husband [she dropped the Kerry moniker recently just as Rush Limbaugh had predicted back in 2004] now believes that he is the reincarnation of Talleyrand and therefore is aiming to get an invitation from Iran before the end-of-year deadline Obama set for getting more serious economic sanctions into play. The WH has no objections, of course, and will enjoy seeing this pretender come a cropper and if by some weird chance, he succeeds, it's found money for them.

Al Gore recently had to retract a misstatement of a world-famous scientist's predictions on the Arctic Ocean when that liviing scientist inconveniently showed up in Copenhagen and pointed out Lyin' Al's convenient lie.

Kerry has been able to lie his own way to the top of the Demo-rat Party by calling his fellow soldiers murderers and war criminals---which in a way, if you look at the world through his own looking glass, he himself also is in no uncertain terms.

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GW said...

Kerry, the second coming of William Borah.